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May 19, 2014

Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart Issue 5/24 2014

Addicted To YouBillboard

  1. Addicted To You – Avicii
  2. Warrior – Havana Brown
  3. I Got U – Duke Dumont Featuring Jax Jones
  4. Let It Go – Idina Menzel
  5. Bombs Away – Gia
  6. Partition – Beyonce
  7. I Walk Alone – Cher
  8. I’m A Freak – Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull
  9. The Rising – Five Knives
  10. You’re Mine (Eternal) – Mariah Carey
  11. If I Fall – Cole Plante With Myon & Shane 54 Featuring Ruby O’Dell
  12. Summer – Calvin Harris
  13. Ten Feet Tall – Afrojack Featuring Wrabel
  14. Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  15. SELFIE – The Chainsmokers
  16. Human – Christina Perri
  17. Memory – Asher Monroe Featuring Chris Brown
  18. Tell It To My Heart – Jason Walker Featuring Bimbo Jones
  19. Birthday – Katy Perry
  20. Give Life Back To Music – Daft Punk
  21. I Will Never Let You Down – Rita Ora
  22. Miami 82 – Syn Cole Featuring Madame Buttons
  23. G.U.Y. – Lady Gaga
  24. Shiny Disco Balls – Scotty Boy Featuring Sue Cho
  25. Last Love Song – ZZ Ward

YME #1 Dance Club

May 11, 2014

Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart Issue 5/17 2014


  1. Partition – Beyonce
  2. Addicted To You – Avicii
  3. I’m A Freak – Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull
  4. Warrior – Havana Brown
  5. I Got U – Duke Dumont Featuring Jax Jones
  6. Let It Go – Idina Menzel
  7. You’re Mine (Eternal) – Mariah Carey
  8. Bombs Away – Gia
  9. Ten Feet Tall – Afrojack Featuring Wrabel
  10. I Walk Alone – Cher
  11. Shiny Disco Balls – Scotty Boy Featuring Sue Cho
  12. SELFIE – The Chainsmokers
  13. Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  14. The Rising – Five Knives
  15. If I Fall – Cole Plante With Myon & Shane 54 Featuring Ruby O’Dell
  16. Memory – Asher Monroe Featuring Chris Brown
  17. Summer – Calvin Harris
  18. Human – Christina Perri
  19. Better Without You – FAKY
  20. Give Life Back To Music – Daft Punk
  21. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  22. Tell It To My Heart – Jason Walker Featuring Bimbo Jones
  23. La La La – Naughty Boy Featuring Sam Smith
  24. Find You – Zedd Featuring Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant
  25. I Will Never Let You Down – Rita Ora

YME #1 Dance Club


May 2, 2014

Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart Issue 5/10 2014

YME #1 Dance ClubBillboard

  1. You’re Mine (Eternal) – Mariah Carey
  2. Partition – Beyonce
  3. Addicted To You – Avicii
  4. I’m A Freak – Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull
  5. Memory – Asher Monroe Featuring Chris Brown
  6. Warrior – Havana Brown
  7. I Got U – Duke Dumont Featuring Jax Jones
  8. Ten Feet Tall – Afrojack Featuring Wrabel
  9. Shiny Disco Balls – Scotty Boy Featuring Sue Cho
  10. Find You – Zedd Featuring Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant
  11. Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  12. Let It Go – Idina Menzel
  13. SELFIE – The Chainsmokers
  14. Bombs Away – Gia
  15. Give Life Back To Music – Daft Punk
  16. Time After Time 2014 – Cyndi Lauper
  17. I Walk Alone – Cher
  18. The Rising – Five Knives
  19. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  20. If I Fall – Cole Plante With Myon & Shane 54 Featuring Ruby O’Dell
  21. Better Without You – FAKY
  22. La La La – Naughty Boy Featuring Sam Smith
  23. Human – Christina Perri
  24. Red Lights – Tiesto
  25. Summer – Calvin Harris
April 30, 2014

Mariah Carey’s Journey to a New Album: The Billboard Cover Story

Billboard Cover StoryBillboard

After waiting five years between albums, Mariah explains the struggle behind her next release: “This is my life since we last left off. Just picture a dot dot dot, and then here’s the album”

Mariah Carey is having a Case of the Mondays.

It’s the day after Easter, and she’s nursing a kick to the face from her nearly 3-year-old son Moroccan after a long day of egg hunting. “We were sort of winding down the day, removing his shoes, and he was having his own moment of not wanting the night to end and he ended up getting me square in the nose while the shoe was still on,” says Carey, 44, on the phone from her apart- ment in New York. Though her nose has a “tiny bump” that Carey has been treating with ice and milk, the incident has still apparently swollen her face enough that she has had to cancel a planned photo shoot and in-person sitdown with Billboard. “I think it’s OK. It’s still really red. I could’ve covered it up and tried to look decent, but shouldn’t my “Billboard” cover be a little less about that and more about the music?” (The cover photo is an outtake from her album shoot.)

If you’ve followed the headlines around Carey in the years since 2009’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,” you would know it hasn’t always been about the music. Since the birth of her twins Moroccan and Monroe in April 2011, she has weathered a rocky stint as a judge on American Idol in 2013, for which she was paid $18 million, according to People, as well as an accident on a music video set that led to a dislocated shoulder and cracked ribs. The injury preceded the latest in a series of delays for her planned 14th album, which at one point was earmarked for early 2013. Though her Miguel duet “#Beautiful” was a decent-sized hit last summer, peaking at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 with sales of 1.2 million (according to Nielsen SoundScan), a trio of other singles failed to catch fire, most recently February’s “You’re Mine (Eternal),” which spent a week on the Hot 100 at No. 88 and has sold only 56,000 copies.

But in late May, Carey hopes she can silence her naysayers and super-serve her patient fans with the much-anticipated release of her 14th album, which at one point was intended as a digital-first, all-at-once release a la “Beyoncé.” Though her label Def Jam now says an official pre-order is expected for later this week, announcing the album’s title, cover and tracklist, it’s clear from talking to Carey that she misses the good old days of the ’90s. The time when you could deliver an album the old-fashioned way, when you had to go to the store to see the song names and the cover art. “I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title,” says Carey, noting the album takes its name from a “personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

The “Beyoncé” parallels would have made even more sense when you consider that Beyonce was coming off an underperforming album (2011’s “4”) before going the surprise route, much like Carey’s “Memoirs” produced just one top 10 hit (“Obsessed”) and sold a disappointing 549,000 copies, low enough to cancel a planned remix album.

Carey will cop to a few of the prerelease singles not doing particularly well, pausing to note that 2013’s Stargate-produced “Almost Home” was intended for the “Oz, Great and Powerful” soundtrack. “It was never about, ‘This is my album,’ but I wasn’t fully connected to that song. I was in the middle of that other situation in my life, which we will erase and pretend it never happened.” (That “situation” being Idol, which we’ll get to later.) “You would think I would be all about the singles-driven situation, and I am in a way, but with this particular album I want my fans to hear it as a body of work,” she says. “This is my life since we last left off. Just picture a dot dot dot, and then here’s the album.”

“Life happens, and that added to the making of this album,” songwriter-producer Bryan-Michael Cox told “Billboard” in February. “Over the past couple years we’ve added songs, scratched songs, slow-baking this record like a honey-baked ham. And when you take a bite of that ham — people will be extremely and pleasantly surprised.”

Carey’s label group Island Def Jam is probably best described as cautiously optimistic about the album, declining to respond to multiple fact-checking and interview requests for this story.

In terms of fans, anticipation for a new Carey album hasn’t been this high since her mid-2000s comeback, which saw 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” go quadruple-platinum and turn “We Belong Together” into the biggest radio hit of her career, spending 14 weeks atop the Hot 100 and becoming Billboard’s top song of the 2000s. But in addition to the reteaming with Jermaine Dupri (“We Belong Together,” “Always Be My Baby”) on two tracks for the new album, she has assembled a team of collaborators that shows she has paid attention to the hip-hop and R&B charts in recent years. There’s tracks from of-the-moment producers like Hit-Boy (Kanye West and Jay Z’s “N***** In Paris”) and Mike Will Made It (Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”); guest features from Wale, Nas and Trey Songz; and even c ontributions from veeran arranger Larry Gold and the Love Unlimited Orchestra and a “special guest that I’m not allowed to reveal.”

Talk to Carey about the album, and you’ll get lengthy if cryptically worded explanations about the material, making liberal use of favorite words like “journey” (“If I use that word one more time I’ll have to start an ’80s rock band”), “festive” (her time on Idol, she says, “was not festive”) and “moment” (“I just need a moment to finish this track listing”). She’ll call you “dahhhling,” with a Zsa Zsa Gabor affectation, and grill you on your “lambily” status (that’s Mariah speak for hardcore fans, or “lambs”). “There’s no way I’ll be able to quite relive the splendor of certain moments — name that tune, lambily!” she says at one point, asking if you’ve spotted her lyrical reference to “The Roof ” from 1997’s “Butterfly.”

As Carey began work in earnest on the project in 2012, a friend compiled an exhaustive, 1,000- track playlist of all of Carey’s catalog and remixes, dubbed “The Ultimate MC Audio Collection.” Through revisiting her own 24-year career, Carey reminisced about forgotten remixes from the ’90s with producers like the late David Cole and her early experiments with genre-fusing. “I will always lean toward R&B in general, but I do think that merging hip-hop and R&B was one of the best things that happened for me as a fan of music. There’s this whole pop and hip-hop mixing together thing now — first of all, it’s not new, and second of all, why are we acting like it is?”

The album will also showcase Carey’s intro-spective, “morose” side, which certain lambily have treasured through the years from deeply personal cuts like “Looking In” (from 1995’s “Daydream”), “Close My Eyes” (from “Butterfly”) and “Petals” (from 1999’s “Rainbow”) — songs that offer an intimate glimpse into the person behind all the diva behavior. “It’s so good to hear people say they grew up with me as the soundtrack to their life, even though I was making it, so that was the soundtrack to my life as well,” she says.

It was Carey’s reconnection with “Looking In” that shaped the final phase of the current album. She performed the song live for the first time with the New York Philharmonic in Central Park last July, just one week after her shoulder injury, clad in a faux-fur sling that matched her white ballgown. The song’s lyrics were inspired by her unhappy marriage from 1993 to 1998 to Tommy Mottola, and found her singing in the third person about a girl who “dreams of all/ That she can never be/She wades in insecu- rity, yeah/And she hides herself inside of me.” Carey broke down in tears at one point during the song, cautioning the audience beforehand that it “requires a bit more stability than I have right now. I kind of got in trouble for writing this song so I’m going to try.”

After the show, Carey revisited the songs she had already earmarked for the ballad-heavy album and decided she needed a change of pace. That’s where two of the three Hit-Boy tracks came in, as well as a fresh collab with Dupri, who became her latest manager thereafter. (Carey’s management underwent several changes in 2012 and 2013, including parting ways with former Idol co-star Randy Jackson after many years together and a brief stint with Coran Capshaw’s Red Light Management.) “There were certain parts of the album where I needed to be lifted up again. I needed something uplifting.” (That’s a “Dreamlover” reference, lambily.)

That Carey is taking even more of a hands-on approach to her music these days is no surprise from a woman who co-wrote all her No. 1 singles, and has also taken more aspects of her career in her own hands amid her various management shifts and other endeavors. After being “bamboozled” by the Idol experience when footage of her feud with fellow judge Nicki Minaj leaked, for example, Carey says she would like to executive-produce her next reality-competition venture. “I have another project that I’m so very excited about that’s finally coming to fruition. I would want to do something that was authentic. And I did feel that there were some truly talented singers on there this year, last year, whenever that was. It’s a blur, it has all been a blur, all of it, dahhhling.”

But she’s also in a rarefied class of superstars in their third decade of fame who can still compete in the big leagues. Madonna, Cher and Celine Dion continue to rank among Billboard’s top-earning artists more for their exhaustive touring work, not because they’re still getting the massive radio play and album sales of their respective heydays. Carey, meanwhile, has never been much of a roadhorse (she didn’t even tour until 1993, when she played 10 theaters in support of her third album, “Music Box”) and still considers herself more of “a studio rat” at heart.

“I love being in the studio, making Wall of Sound background vocals. That’s when I’m most at home, other than being with ‘dem babies’ now. I love being onstage and connecting with the lambily most importantly, but it’s just that now nothing’s just an experience with your fans and your fans alone. It’s on YouTube immediately, not ‘Oh, that was an amazing moment I just experienced.'” So until she’s willing to do a global arena tour or a Las Vegas residency, Carey will need to keep churning out hits to extend her living legacy.

Dupri seems weary of the expectations that come with official “comeback singles,” which is why one of his first items of business as Carey’s manager last fall was releasing the ballad “The Art of Letting Go” as a teaser track on Carey’s Facebook page to set the tone for the album, rather than the typical event strategy. Though “Letting Go” will appear on the album along with “#Beautiful” and “You’re Mine,” the hope is that the fans’ response will democratize the typical album process from here.

“The challenge with Mariah has always been if I like one record and she likes another, you can never pick a single that satisfies everybody,” says Dupri. “If you just did what Beyonce did, she just gave you 17 singles and you picked which record you like.”

Even though Carey’s latest album marks the longest gap between albums, it certainly won’t be her last, despite a recent interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” where she indicated she might be treating it as such. Still, it signifies something of a make- or-break moment at this phase in her storied career as Billboard’s second-most-decorated Hot 100 chart-topper, next to The Beatles.

“I will always make music. When I said [this album] could be my last, that’s because tomorrow’s not promised to anyone. When I release anything, it’s difficult — it could be a performance that you don’t love and it’s like, ‘Great, everybody’s going to pick this apart,’ and that’s it. What I’m trying to say is I wanted this to be something I could be proud of, whether it’s like, ‘Yay, No. 1 song!,’ and this and that. However things end up happening, we’ve all worked so hard. The true lambily have all worked so hard to break all these Billboard records and to have this incredible experience with me that I want them to have this almost as a gift.”

April 18, 2012

Penyanyi Top Dunia yang Pernah Main Film


Dunia seni peran tampaknya menjadi magnet tersendiri bagi para penyanyi top dunia. Sukses menata karier sebagai musisi, beberapa di antara mereka mencoba terjun ke dunia akting.

Jumlah penyanyi yang pernah bermain film pun tak sedikit. Penyanyi sekaliber Britney Spears dan Madonna tercatat pernah bermain dalam film layar lebar. Ada yang sukses mengantongi penghargaan, ada juga mendapat cibiran.

Terlepas dari sukses atau tidaknya film tersebut, faktanya semakin banyak penyanyi dunia yang mencoba mencicipi rasanya berakting di depan kamera. Dilansir dari laman Zimbio, berikut adalah penyanyi top dunia yang pernah bermain dalam film layar lebar:

1. Britney Spears

Di masa kejayaannya, Britney Spears sukses menaklukan dunia sebagai seorang penyanyi pop. Namun, sukses sebagai penyanyi tak menjamin seseorang berhasil dalam dunia akting. Hal inilah yang dialami oleh penyanyi kelahiran 2 Desember 1981.

Film ‘Crossroads’ yang dibintangi Spears pada tahun 2002 kurang mendapat sambutan hangat dari para kritikus. Film tersebut hanya mendapat rating 2,9 dari 10 di situs IMDb.

2. Cher

Penyanyi bernama lengkap Cherilyn Sarkisian ini boleh dikatakan sebagai artis multi talenta. Lebih dikenal orang sebagai seorang penyanyi, Cher ternyata memiliki bakat di dunia akting. Terbukti, ia pernah meraih Piala Oscar sebagai Artis Terbaik lewat film ‘Moonstruck’ pada tahun 1987.

3. Christina Aguilera

Siapa tak kenal dengan lagu ‘Genie in a Bottle’. Lagu ini begitu populer di kalangan remaja pada akhir 1990-an. Lama berkutat di dunia tarik suara, Aguilera pun akhirnya kepincut bermain dalam film layar lebar berjudul ‘Burlesque’. Film tersebut sukses meraup pendapatan sebesar US$40 juta.

4. Beyonce

Mengawali karier sebagai personel kelompok musik Destiny’s Child, Beyonce sukses melebarkan karier sebagai seorang aktris. Setelah sukses membintangi film ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’, karier Beyonce di dunia seni peran kian bersinar saat membintangi film ‘Dreamgirls’.

5. Madonna

Madonna termasuk salah seorang penyanyi yang wajahnya kerap menghiasi berbagai judul film. Namun, tak semua filmnya sukses di pasaran. Sebut saja film ‘Shanghai Surprise’ dan ‘Swept Away’. Namun, Madonna berhasil membuktikan kualitas aktingnya saat beperan sebagai Mae Mordabito di film ‘A League of Their Own’.

6. Prince

Pada tahun 1984, Prince pernah membintang sebuah film layar lebar berjudul ‘Purple Rain’. Di film tersebut ia memerankan karakter seorang penyanyi yang flamboyan dan menginspirasi. Lewat film itu pula, Prince berhasil meraih Piala Oscar untuk kategori Best Music, Original Song Score.

7. Mick Jagger

Popularitasnya sebagai personel The Rolling Stones tak perlu diragukan lagi. Meski demikian, film yang dibintangi oleh Jagger bisa dihitung dengan jari. Salah satu film yang pernah ia bintang antara lain ‘Freejack’. Film yang menyedot dana sebesar US$30 juta tersebut hanya mampu menghasilkan pendapatan sebesar US$17 juta.

8. Mariah Carey

Wanita yang terkenal lewat lagu ‘Hero’ ini menambah deretan penyanyi yang pernah mencicipi layar lebar. Pada tahun 2001, Carey pernah bermain dalam film berjudul ‘Glitter’. Seperti halnya Britney Spears, film yang dibintangi Carey pun kurang mendapat sambutan hangat.

9. Mandy Moore

Masih ingat dengan film ‘A Walk to Rembember’. Ya, film yang dirilis pada tahun 2002 ini sukses mengangkat karier Mandy Moore di dunia seni peran. Meski tidak begitu meledak di jajaran film box office, film ini balik modal hanya dalam waktu satu pekan.

10. Jennifer Hudson

Meski gagal menjadi juara di ajang ‘American Idol’, Jennifer Hudson mampu membuktikan bakatnya yang lain. Lewat perannya di film ‘Dreamgirls’, Hudson sukses membawa pulang Piala Oscar sebagai Artis Pendukung Terbaik.

January 29, 2012

Wow! Seperti Ini Kamar Tidur Para Selebritis


Mariah Carey

Gaya glamour dipilih sang diva, Mariah Carey, untuk kamar tidur apartemennya di Tribeca. Furniture mewah, kain sutra, dan lampu kristal menemani waktu istirahat Mariah. Puluhan foto, pajangan bernuansa gold dan bunga segar menambah kemewahan kamar tidurnya.

Romantisnya Gerard Butler

Kamar tidur aktor tampan nan gagah Gerard Butler ternyata bernuansa romantis. Untuk furniture, Gerard memilih yang berbahan dasar kayu dengan kombinasi kulit. Untuk kain, ia menyukai warna-warna bebatuan permata dengan tekstur yang kaya. Gaya Eropa menjadi inspirasinya.

Sarah Jessica

Putih menjadi tema utama untuk kamar tidur pasangan Sarah Jessica Parker dan Matthew Broderick. Hmmmn, tak boleh makan sambil tiduran di kamar ini.

Cher Putri Raja

Penyanyi senior Cher mengisi kamarnya dengan tempat tidur yang terinspirasi dari furniture abad 16. Lampu-lampunya pun dipilih khas Timur Tengah. Cher ingin tidur layaknya putri raja.

Ashton – Demi

Ini dia kamar Ashton Kutcher – Demi Moore saat masih bersama. Mantan pasangan ini lebih dekat dengan alam. Terlihat dari jendela kaca dan pintu-pintu besar yang bisa terbuka lebar. Juga perabot berbahan kayu.

Simple John Mayer

Penyanyi John Mayer tak ingin berlebihan di kamar tidurnya di New York. Cukup tempat tidur simple nan nyaman, dan perabot yang fungsional. Hiasannya pun pada umumnya, yaitu lukisan dan vas bunga.

Meg Ryan By the Beach

Di rumahnya yang menghadap ke pantai, dekor kamar rias Meg Ryan juga bernuansa putih. Untuk memberi kesan segar, bunga berwarna ungu ditempatkan di sisi tempat tidur.

Dongeng Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera membuat kamar tidurnya seperti di negeri dongeng. Tempat tidurnya ditempatkan di atas panggung dua tingkat beralaskan karpet bulu. Seluruh ruangan, termasuk dinding, dihias dengan nuansa warna merah, pink, dan hitam.

Comfy Jane Fonda

Sebelum dijual, adalah Jane Fonda yang menempati kamar super nyaman ini. Ranjang berkanopi dengan pilihan warna dinding dan interior yang lembut membuat Jane betah berlama-lama di kamar. (hst/hst)