Mariah Carey’s 16 Best Single Covers

I Stay In Love16. “I Stay In Love” (2008)
Mimi served sexy cross-country road trip realness on the cover of this underrated gem.

Vision Of Love15. “Vision Of Love” (1990)
Where it all began. Those curls were laid by the hand of Jesus.


14. “Breakdown” (1998)
Mariah gives great Vegas showgirl.

Honey13. “Honey” (1997)
This is all about the hair. Have you ever seen such a flawless hair whip?





Don't Forget About Us12. “Don’t Forget About Us” (2005)
Mariah spends more time reclining on sofas than any other diva, so it was only a matter of time until this happened.

20140513-223549.jpg11. “Thirsty” (2014)
Please not the shoddy PhotoShop work under Mariah’s left armpit. It’s what makes this borderline-animated cover so great.

My All10. “My All” (1998)
The songbird obviously looked into a mirror and fainted at the sight of her own flawlessness right before this cover was snapped.




Obsessed9. “Obsessed” (2009)
Who knew wet seal chic could look so good?

Fantasy8. “Fantasy” (1995)
Mimi’s power lesbian pant suit has long been my fantasy.

Loverboy7. “Loverboy” (2001)
The elegance and glamour of ‘Glitter’ (AKA the best movie ever) even rubbed on the diva’s artwork.




Someday6. “Someday” (1991)
Love the blurred photography. Mimi was strutting down that street so fast the camera couldn’t quite cope.

Touch My Body5. “Touch My Body” (2008)
I really hope that hat is hanging in a museum somewhere.

BOTH4. “Bringing On The Heartbreak” (2003)
Flower child Mimi for the win.





Heartbreaker3. “Heartbreaker” (1999)
This cover is truly without a single flaw.

Up Out My Face2. “Up Out Your Face” (2010)
This masterpiece speaks for itself.

Can't Take That Away1. “Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)” (2000)
Mariah in her natural habitat on planet diva. Everything about this is over-the-top and fabulous. Just like the great lady herself.




Sumber: Idolator

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