Mariah Carey’s 5 Best High Notes In One Minute



It’s unofficially Mariah Carey Week here at the Idolator office (oh, okay – it’s pretty much official), and to celebrate the release of the diva’s brilliantly-titled 14th (!!) studio album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, we’ve compiled her five best high notes from her singles over the past 24 years in one ear-splitting video (above).

We all first heard scrawny, 21-year-old Mariah hit that glorious, garage-door-opening whistle register with her very first single, “Vision Of Love,” back in 1990. It was just the first of a staggering 17 #1s she racked up on the Billboard Hot 100 over the decades, and in that time, Mimi’s high note has become one of her biggest trademarks.

Proving that she’s still got it, Carey let out a shriek at the end of her 2014 single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” so melodic that it blew out half the windows in our building. Sigh…we wish it would go on for days.

Zip through the highlights (emphasis on high) of Mariah’s vocal range in the video compilation above, and if your ears are still intact by the end and you like what you hear, let us know below!

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