Sex, Sex…and More Sex: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Celebrate Six Years of Marriage…and TMI Moments

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It all started at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards: A then 24-year-old Nick Cannon was instantly smitten with Mariah Carey when he presented her with the Choice Music R&B Artist award.

“People asked me who my celebrity crush was, and I was like, ‘Mariah Carey. Watch, one day I’m going to meet her.’ And then it happened,” he recalls. “We were backstage at an awards show. The first thing she said to me was, ‘I heard all those nice things you’ve been saying about me in interviews.’”

Years went by and the two were just friends — until she asked him to star in her music video for “Bye Bye.”

“We sat down to talk about what she wanted in her music video and from that day on, we’ve been together ever since,” he says.

The pair wed on April 30, 2008 and welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe exactly three years later.

In that time, they’ve given us a lot to remember them by. And by a lot, we mean a lot of TMI moments.

Away we go:

NC gif

Their “First Smash”

When asked about the first time he had relations with the songstress, Nick revealed she made him wait.

“Our wedding night, honeymoon night, house in the Bahamas,” he said. “That’s a real woman right there, make you wait until you’re getting married!”

But then he took it one step too far. Ring the TMI bell.

“We didn’t [know if it would be good]. The first time I made love to my wife was on our wedding night. I’m a pleaser, I went in like, ‘Man, she’s gonna love this.'”



A Birthday Full of Breasts

For the America’s Got Talent host’s 33rd birthday last October, Mariah tweeted out a message to him — which is all fine and dandy aside from the photo that accompanied said message.

“Happy Birthday to my Hubby Nick Cannon,” she captioned the shot. “My baby I’m waiting on youuuu’ hahaha! KKLB! GHL!!!! Mwah !!!!!”

Something tells us he more than likely rushed home after seeing this. (We’re surprised he still hasn’t released intimate details from that night.)


“Hero” Will Never Sound the Same

Because Nick admits to pleasuring himself to it.

During an interview with Howard Stern, the crude radio DJ asked if he ever takes care of “business” to music.

“Absolutely! Sometimes there’s special nights where you turn the music on, and sometimes it’s the morning and you roll over and get it poppin’!” he shared, before claiming his song of choice is his wife’s 1993 hit “Hero.”

There’s a hero, if you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid, of what you are. There’s an answer, if you reach into your soul, and the sorrow that you know, will melt away.

OK. Really, Nick?! No. Just N-O.

Candy Bra

A Candy Bra Surprise for Valentine’s Day

Wait, was Mariah eager to spend the holiday with her hubby this year?

We couldn’t tell from her multiple Instagram posts or anything.

Roc and Roe’s mama took to the social media site and posted three images of herself wearing a candy bra while sitting in a glitter-filled tub. It also served as shameless self-promotion for her new song at the time, “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

The captions went like this, in order:
“Waiting for my Valentine,” “Still waiting…,” and “Champagne bubbles + candy and no Valentine yet…”

At least there was someone in there with her to keep her company.


Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

When asked how they keep the flame alive in their marriage, Nick said, “Lots of sex.”

And with that, we bid you adieu.

Happy Six-Year Anniversary, Lovebirds!

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