Mariah Carey: My Twins Are Singing on My New Album


ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli recently sat down with Mariah Carey to talk about her highly anticipated new album, and she revealed that her adorable three-year-old twins Monroe and Morocco will actually be making an appearance!

“I wrote a song for them on this album, and it’s called Supernatural, and dem babies are on the song,” she revealed. “And they were singing this when they were just two. Mainly it’s Ms. Monroe singing, and Rock is on there. You’ll hear it, I can’t give it away. She is actually singing though.”

Mariah also reflected on how motherhood has changed her life. “I never thought I was going to have kids. I remember being a little girl and being like, ‘I don’t want to have babies when I grow up’. And for a while I was probably convinced of that, and then I just realized that things change,” she says about meeting husband Nick Cannon. “They give me reason to live.”

Mariah’s new, untitled album is scheduled to drop May 6.

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