Mariah Carey – The Most Promising Returns of 2013


Siapa yang paling ditunggu comeback-nya di pentas musik dunia tahun ini?

PopDust melakukan polling awal tahun ini dengan tema Comeback Star of 2013, nama-nama seperti Aaron Carter hingga Destiny’s Child mewarnai daftar ini, tentu ajang polling seperti ini menjadi bahan perseteruan antar-fans, and who is the winner?

Lamb atau para fans Mariah Carey lagi-lagi membuktikan kegigihan mereka demi sang diva. Hal ini juga membuktikan bahwa kharisma Mariah Carey masih terpancar di usia yang tidak lagi muda.

Mariah Carey menang telak dari Justin Timberlake di putaran final dengan meraup 89% suara. Congratulations Mimi!

teks: Endang Real Suryana
foto: PopDust


A number of our long-absent pop favorites are expected to make big returns in 2013, with new albums, singles and/or tours, and while we’re excited about all of them, we need your help to choose which of them is gonna have the biggest and best impact on the year to come. Whose comeback will be the greatest? Vote now, as many times as you want!
Congratulations to Mariah Carey, who won in the finals in a landslide victory over Justin Timberlake. Mariah Carey goodies are now here for all you loyal Lambs that voted her to the status of our Comeback Star of 2013—click here to download Mariah wallpaper for your phone!

The Song: Triumphant (Get ‘Em)
The Star: Mariah Carey
Why It’s So Great: Mariah’s first album from the 2010s is expected this year, and will no doubt benefit from the singer’s increased profile as one of the new judges on this season of “American Idol.”

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