Mariah Carey’s Australian Tour Requirements


The Courier-Mail

Mariah Carey knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it. The doyenne of divas and her 40-strong entourage arrive in Australia next week to prepare for the singer’s first Australian tour in almost 15 years.

Carey is notorious for extravagant demands so promoters had better be well prepared. A look at some of the singer’s past backstage riders – a list of a performer’s requirements – shows what they’re in for.

First and foremost her dressing room should be airconditioned at “about 75 degrees” and there should be a lamp in her bathroom so that “harsh lighting may be turned off”. The dressing room should also be fully equipped with two hot air humidifiers, two air purifiers, eight “tall, leafy plants” and two vases of white roses.

All furniture must be in plain colours with “no busy patterns.” It’s unclear what negative impact busy patterns would have on her performance but “the perimeter of each room must be draped.”

Once that’s sorted, she requires chilled Cristal champagne and a bottle of $300 Opus One cabernet sauvignon, both of which she’ll presumably consume using the required “bendy straws”. Carey is also partial to a cup of tea but ordinary tap water simply won’t do. Her tea must be made with “only Poland natural spring water.”

Mariah Carey plays at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on New Year’s Day.

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