Uncle Murda Discusses Working With Mariah Carey


Mariah Daily Journal

Rapper Uncle Murda was recently interviewed by ExpensiveInterview and he talked about collaborating with Mariah on his record “The Warning.” Check it out below:

Shout out to Mariah – that’s family right there. Mariah was actually a fan of the “Bullet Bullet” record that I had put out. And um, I guess one day she was in the club with Angie Martinez and she was like um, you know “Bullet Bullet” came on and she was like “This is my favorite record that’s out right now. Angie’s like “What? ‘Bullet Bullet’? Uncle Murda? Your favorite record?” Angie said that on the air, then I hooked up with Mariah and it was on after that! But you know, God bless Chris Lighty – he was also managing her too at the time he was managing me. And then he was talking to her, “You know I got Uncle Murda over here.” She said “What, I love Uncle Murda!” She was doing something for Macy’s at that time. I think she had her perfume thing going on at Macy’s. And then she told Chris, “Yo, bring Murda through with you.” Went over there, me and her met, then it was on. Shout out to Nick Cannon too.


One Comment to “Uncle Murda Discusses Working With Mariah Carey”

  1. AND MRS. My first GIF posted on Tumblr is 523KB.
    It ought to be noted that Seth Mac – Farlane’s “Family Guy” chose the least intellectually gifted character, Chris, as the one to be engaged with the controlling female with Down syndrome.

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