Golden Girl Mariah Carey Outglams Nicki Minaj


Mail Online

She certainly does not enjoy being put in the shade. And notorious diva Mariah Carey seized her chance to shine when her rival Nicki Minaj turned up late to an American Idol taping in Hollywood on Thursday. The saucy singer looked almost at her best as she teetered her way into the venue surrounded by lackeys.

The 42-year-old had certainly pulled out all the stops, and was a real show-stopper dressed head to toe in gold. Mother-of-two Mariah revelled in showing off her meaty yet defined legs in a high cut dress, while her strappy shoes also helped to show them in the best light.

And she was able to secure all of the attention after her fellow judge and rival made the unprofessional mistake of turning up two hours late. And even then she looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards, wearing a particularly unflattering outfit.

The 30-year-old, who hails from the rough New York neighbourhood of Queens, may have been going for a ghetto fabulous look in her Hello Kitty slippers, fur jacket jeans and hooded top. But the move backfired spectacularly, and the producers of the show will have been left speechless by her attire.

The girls managed to steal all of the attention, but the show’s other judges Randy Jackson and Keith Urban were both in attendance.

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