Mariah Carey: I’m a Crier



Forget about the feud — the new season of FOX’s American Idol is all about Mariah Carey and her tears.

“I’m a crier,” Carey told reporters during a press event on Wednesday.

Mimi’s revelation comes just weeks after the network released a new promo of Idol, which showed the new judge shedding tears while talking about mentoring young minds.

The 42-year-old singer, her fellow judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest, are currently in Hollywood filming new episodes of Season 13.

“I think the most surprising thing is how attached you can get to a contestant,” Carey also said on Wednesday.

“It’s like, if I disagree with the rest of the panel, it’s almost like, at this point, ‘No, don’t lose that person!’”

In filming the season so far, Carey said she’s had to overcome her fear of saying no.

“I try to give them constructive criticism and then say no, because if ultimately they’re gonna do this, they need a little guide along the way.”

As for that feud with Minaj, gossipmongers will have to look elsewhere for juicy new details.

“I really think it’s all about the judges and the interaction and what each of us think . . . I think it’s going well, it’s about the kids, it’s about the contestants.”

The new season of American Idol will premiere on FOX Jan. 16.

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