Mariah Carey and twins: swimming sweethearts

We can’t get enough of dem babies. Singing sensation Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon recently posted some intimate family photos to One of the sweet snaps shows Mariah swimming with her 1-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe in a pool.

According to The Sun, it seems Mariah’s estranged sister Alison Carey has pleaded with the super star to allow her to meet her niece and nephew. The sisters used to be close but reportedly had a huge falling out in 1994. Mariah and their mother Patricia fought Alison for custody of her 7-year-old son Michael, claiming he was at risk in the care of his drug-addict mother.

“I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family,” Alison says. “We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke. But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister.”

“I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time,” she adds. “I saw photographs of them on the television just after they were born and I saw more when they turned one recently. They are absolutely adorable. And when I look into their eyes I see my sister’s eyes shining right back at me – the eyes I used to stare into when I would hold her as a baby.”

Celebrity Baby Scoop /via Mariah Carey Archives

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