What’s age got to do with it?

On April 27 this year, 31-year-old Nick Cannon renewed vows with his 42-year -old wife, Mariah Carey. That he renewed the vows and popped champagne in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop would make any softie for happily-ever-afters, like yours truly, melt and go “awww”.

But in 2008, when Nick popped “the” question to the lady with the divine voice, everyone, but everyone predicted doom for this highly mismatched couple. The argument: The 11 year age-gap between them. Well, four years down the line and the still-in-love couple not only seem dizzyingly happy but have their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, as living proof that age is irrelevant when it comes to a happy marriage.

Interestingly, that’s more or less the answer Nick Cannon gave Oprah when the chat show queen questioned him about their age-gap. “Age ain’t anything but a number,” was the rapper/TV show host’s succinct answer.

French-born, India-settled fashion consultant Simone Pierre couldn’t agree more. Married to an Indian five years her junior, she says, “We never felt the age difference. It is interesting but true that most couples never do,” she insists and adds, “Most couples think of the age as the one they are in their heads, (a mental age, if you may).”

“I don’t believe that when a couple gets together age is a taboo,” she reiterates and sums up her side of the story by saying, “I think the whole thing that a man should be older to you is a society thing.”

Daily News /via Mariah Carey Archives

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