Mariah Carey shows off her voluptuous figure

She recently revealed she had lost a whopping 30lbs in just three months after embarking on a strict diet and fitness plan. And Mariah Carey was showing off the results today in style, sporting a very clinging gold dress for a new photoshoot.

The 42-year-old singer showed off her voluptuous figure in the gown while posing for snaps on board a boat moored near the Italian isle of Capri. The clinging one shouldered gown featured cut out panels at the sides and a daring thigh high split, which showed off Mariah’s newly toned figure.

She wore her hair in a high ponytail and at one point sported oversized sunglasses to shield her eyes from the bright sunshine. Strappy high heeled sandals and oversized gold hoop earrings completed the look. The star seemed to enjoy posing for the snaps, but ensured she checked the results on the photographer’s camera.

She was also spotted getting a make-up touch up on one of the boat’s cabins before changing into a more simple black dress for some shots with her children. Taking her high heeled shoes off, posed at the back of the ship with baby Moroccan, who sat happily in her arms while more photographs were taken.

The star has been busy relaxing with the cute 13-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, fathered by husband Nick Cannon, who is currently in the U.S. where he is hosting America’s Got Talent. Mariah recently discussed her weight loss, which came a year after gaining 70lbs whilst pregnant with the twins.

“Everyone said I was fat, so I did something about it,” she recently told Shape magazine. “Pregnancy was probably the best and the hardest thing I’ll ever go through. I know for a lot of women, it can be wonderful and relatively easy. But for me, it was like ‘Okay, honey, do you have to do everything the hard way?'”

The star lost 40lbs of water weight when she gave birth to the fraternal twins on April 30 last year and shed the rest with a Jenny Craig diet of around 1500 calories a day. “I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that’s changed,” she told the magazine. “Since having the babies, I realise that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet.”

She also last year told talk show host Rosie O’Donnell: “I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back,” adding: “I had to do this for me.” And instead of weighing herself, the singer said she measured the weight loss by how things felt. “Does this dress fit better than it did three years ago?” she told Rosie. “Then I’d be like, ‘Ok, I’m good!’,” she said.

Mail Online /via Mariah Carey Archives

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