Obama’s June is packed with celebrity fundraisers

International Business Times

Add Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey to the list of wealthy Hollywood A-Listers backing President Barack Obama’s re-election effort by hosting or performing at fundraisers. It’s no secret that the president has a number of famous fans. George Clooney, for one, hosted a glitzy fundraiser at his Los Angeles mansion that raked in $15 million last week.

That Monday – and just days after the president said he supported legalizing same-sex marriage – Obama stopped by a concert fundraiser hosted by singer and LGBT activist Ricky Martin in conjunction with the Obama for America LGBT Leadership Council and the Futuro Fund at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

Those two back-to-back swanky celebrity events, however, are just the beginning of a summer packed with events featuring movie stars and musicians. On June 14, Sarah Jessica Parker will host a fundraiser at her her home in New York. She will be joined by President Obama and the First Lady. In an e-mail to Obama’s list serve of supporters, SJP promises “it should be fabulous”. The contribution page does not mention Mariah Carey’s name, but the Democratic Leadership of the 21st Century say she is a musical guest in an e-mail advertising the event.

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